Produkte - AustroCel Hallein: Zellstoff, Bioenergie


Viscose textile pulp from Hallein

Since January 2013, we have produced viscose pulp for the manufacture of textile fibres, so-called viscose staple fibres. The base material for the textile fibre is a highly pure special pulp which consists of almost pure cellulose. The systems and processes in Hallein were adapted to this purpose with investments to the sum of 60 million euros.

The features of special pulp from Hallein

  • Highly pure pulp made from spruce wood (long fibre)
  • Wood from sustainably managed, certified forests (PEFC)
  • Environmentally friendly, completely chlorine free (TCF) manufacturing process
  • Highest stability in processes and product quality
  • Supplied in bales and rolls


Heat and Power from renewable energy

We are one of the biggest green energy producers in the province of Salzburg and Austria. Biogas and biomass are natural energy sources. In this way, we supply electricity and district heating to the public grid and thus make an important contribution to reducing fossil CO2 emissions.

The Facts

  • 100,000 solid cubic metres of energy wood
  • 110 GWh district heating
  • 96 GWh green energy
  • 86 GWh biogas
  • Supply of 27,000 households with green energy and 13,000 households with district heating.